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Minnesota Habitat

Our classroom weblist about the three main habitats in Minnesota. We will explore the walleye, loon, raccoon and cottontail.

African Grassland Habitat

Our classroom weblist for African grassland animals. We will focus on lions, zebras and giraffes.

Desert Habitat

This is our class weblist for desert animals. We will have pictures and websites to learn more about the desert fox, the desert tortoise and the rattlesnake.

Ocean Habitat

This is our classroom weblist for our ocean habitat. You will be able to learn more about cuttlefish, sea turtles and humpback whales through pictures and websites.

Woodland Creatures

This is our class weblist about Woodland creatures. This is a place that will show you images and appropriate sites about black bears, deer and beavers.

Frozen Tundra Animals

Please use our weblist to find out more information about polar bears, the arctic fox and the arctic hare.