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The Bonus Points Of Shifting To Natural Farming Methods

Natural farming will fix nitrogen particles into the soil naturally and will ensure fertility for a long period of time without any interval. It will contribute to soil and water preservation by going with the flow of natural elements, Know more!

Solving Global Food Crisis Through Natural Methods

Sustainable agriculture is aimed at reversing the ill effects of chemical based farming processes. It adopts the use of natural manure procured from livestock and other allied farming activities.

Growing Okra Through The Trivedi Effect

The influence of The Trivedi Effect® in the arena of Agriculture is exceptional. raed more about the influence of The Trivedi Effect on growing okra.

Many Health Benefits Of Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd has plenty of demand all over the world & Bitter Gourd has many health benefits to know more about Bitter Gourd and it's benefits visit here.

Combating Life Threatening Diseases Naturally

Read more about a natural way to fight with a life threatening diseases naturally. In order to help more and more people, Mr. Trivedi has studied the impact of the Trivedi Effect® on the cancer and other diseases to cure them naturally.

The Alternative Cancer Treatments Can Help In Fighting Cancer

Alternative treatments mean treatments, which are not part of the conventional treatment. It makes use of natural and unconventional methods, for fighting with cancer. These alternative cancer treatments are quite cost effective and can help in giving relief to the patients.