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Captain James Cook

James Cook has been described as the greatest ever explorer. In his amazing voyages in his ship 'The Endeavour,' he discovered many previously unknown places, including New Zealand, and the great Southern Continent, which we now know as Australia. He was a brilliant sailor and a master cartographer (map maker), and in his lifetime, he changed the history of the world forever.

Ai Wei Wei

Ai Wei Wei is possibly the most well known artist in the world today. He has been imprisoned by the Chinese government for his forthright political views, and is certainly not afraid to speak his mind. His artistic talent is varied, but his most famous creation has to be, the incredible 'Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium,' in Beijing.

Sir Edmund Hillary

Along with his guide,Tenzing Norgay, Hillary was the first man to climb the earth's tallest peak; Mount Everest. Find out more about his life and his amazing feats.