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Kristen Hine

Successful saleswoman and pharma rep Kristen Hine stays very busy at work, but always makes time to sit down, slow down and have a nice healthy meal. Keeping fit and staying healthy have always been important to Kristen Hine, a sports enthusiast who enjoys many sports during her leisure time. Despite being a savvy businesswoman who works tirelessly to be the best in her field, Kristen Hine somehow also manages to stay fit and healthy.

Kristen Hine

Kristen Hine looks back fondly on her days as an undergrad at The Ohio State University. Since graduating from the Big Ten school with her BA in Journalism, Kristen Hine has made a name for herself in the medical sales industry, carving out a nice career and enjoying her life to the fullest. Nonetheless, Kristen Hine gets nostalgic for the good old days at OSU, where she made great friends and unforgettable memories during her time there.