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This section will help you add useful words to your Portuguese vocabulary related to professions, both male and female gender.

Traductor Italiano

Italiano translators working with linguage. All our Italiano translators are native, professional and certified professionals.

Espanol Ingles

Traduce palabras, textos y/o documentos gratis online con nuestro traductor gratuito en tiempo real. Podras traducir entre mas de 30 idiomas diferentes, online y totalmente gratis.

Russian Vocabulary

This section has most of the vocabulary that you will need when you are learning Russian language. You will learn that with the help of our videos and examples.

us university ranking

Here you find the better information about of Rank of Universities in the United States, for that you can choose the university that you prefer.

Spanish Grammar

This glossary is designed as a guide for people learning the grammar of either Spanish, and it may be useful for people studying other languages as well.


Improve your knowledge of the French Language by learning new French vocabulary, French Grammar, French pronunciation and other French Language resources.

Spanish Translation

Spanish translation services brought to you by Linguae - The leading online translation agency for Spanish translations

Translate Italian to English

Translate Italian to English in real time. You can translate languages in real time. Free translations online.

English Vocabulary

Knowing a little English Vocabulary ahead of time helps travelers communicate more successfully.