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Regular Verbs

portuguese verbs, regular verbs, portuguese Language Guide

Learn German Online

This section is all about German grammar, german vocabulary, german courses online and german dictionaries online.

Chinese Vocabulary

Knowing a little Chinese Vocabulary ahead of time helps travelers communicate more successfully.

Nursing Courses

Study Nursing, we have a directory of courses offered by universities and schools in Nursing program.


If you just finished the high school and now are in the hard task of looking for some college to continue your studies, here we will show you some tips you must take into account when choosing the right place for you.

Learn Spanish

Making a decision of Learn Spanish abroad or Learn Spanish Online.

Spanish Tenses

One of the most important parts in Spanish grammar is the tense, which is strictly related to the verb. See the most practical examples to get understand the tense.

French Translation

French translation services brought to you by Linguae - The leading online translation agency for French translations

English Pronunciation

Improve your English pronunciation using these lessons about pronouncing English sounds, vowels and consonants, the English Suprasegmentals, stress and intonation.

Translate Spanish to English

Translate Spanish to English in real time. You can translate languages in real time. Free translations online.