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Elizabeth Plitzuweit

Elizabeth Plitzuweit was a highly-valued law firm associate and legal representative for many years. She was a credit to the firms she worked for, providing their clients with focused, high-quality representation. Elizabeth Plitzuweit enhanced the quality of her firm’s services through skill, talent and determination. Elizabeth Plitzuweit invested her time, energy and resources into every case and client, and was passionate about defending her clients.

Elizabeth Plitzuweit

Elizabeth Plitzuweit is a skilled attorney with nearly 10 years of experience in the legal profession. Formerly a practicing Corporate, Trademark and Copyright Lawyer for the Jupitermedia Corporation, Elizabeth Plitzuweit has enjoyed the opportunity to practice law for many notable law firms, and has consistently defended her clients’ interests with both honesty and integrity. Elizabeth Plitzuweit is an accomplished legal professional who has always provided high-quality representation. She ha