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Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs change their roots throughout their conjugation.

German Time

Learn to tell time in German; the hours and special times of day in German, more the correct pronunciation and correct write of each one of the hours and specials times of day.

Traductor Online

Linguae es una agencia de traducción con la que te ahorrarás tiempo y dinero gracias a nuestras traducciones profesionales.

Chinese Grammar

This glossary is designed as a guide for people learning the grammar of either Chinese, and it may be useful for people studying other languages as well.

University Rank

The United States has a large tradition if we talk about Universities rankings, since many years ago the universities rankings are an important step to take on count before choosing a University.

Management Courses

Study Management, we have a directory of courses offered by universities and schools in Management program.

Spanish Culture

Learn about the food, drink, dress, literature, holidays and traditions that people in the Spanish speaking world.

French Conjugation

The Verbs lists in English and French follow regular patterns, called conjugations. A conjugation is made up of six different forms, which indicate various numbers and persons. A number can be either singular or plural, depending on whether we are talking about just one person, or several people.


Linguae is an online translation agency that saves you time and money with professional translation services.

Translate French to English

Translate French to English in real time. You can translate languages in real time. Free translations online.