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El inglés es la lengua materna de más de 400 millones de personas y la segunda lengua de un número igualmente grande de hablantes. Hay una estimación de unas 750 millones de personas que aprenden inglés como una idioma extranjero.

Italian Culture

This section deals with the rich Italian culture, customs and traditions, religion, arts, the life style of people and the Italian food.

Traducir de Espanol a Ingles

Traduce palabras, textos y/o documentos gratis online con nuestro traductor gratuito en tiempo real. Podras traducir entre mas de 30 idiomas diferentes, online y totalmente gratis.

French Conjugator

The Verbs lists in English and French follow regular patterns, called conjugations. A conjugation is made up of six different forms, which indicate various numbers and persons.

Japanese Translate

Translate Japanese in real time. You can translate languages in real time. Free translations online.

English test

Test your knowledge language English with the most complete exercises in English grammar.

Portuguese Pronunciation

Brazilian Portuguese is most often pronounced precisely as it is spelled, consequently, knowing the Brazilian pronunciation of the diverse Portuguese vowels, consonants, diphthongs and diagraphs can be very profitable in helping your improve your pronunciation.

English courses

English is the mother tongue of some 400 million people, and the second language of an equally large number of speakers. There are also an estimated 750 million people who learn English as a foreign language.