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Aprender Ingles

El inglés es la lengua materna de más de 400 millones de personas y la segunda lengua de un número igualmente grande de hablantes. Hay una estimación de unas 750 millones de personas que aprenden inglés como una idioma extranjero.

German Grammar

This section include a complete German grammar glossary designed as a guide for people learning the grammar of German.


Traduce palabras, textos y/o documentos gratis online con nuestro traductor gratuito en tiempo real. Podras traducir entre mas de 30 idiomas diferentes, online y totalmente gratis.

Russian Language

If you want to learn Russian language and you need information about it, you should visit this webpage because we have lots of information and most of the rules that you must know when you are learning Russian language.

Italian Translate

Translate Italian in real time. You can translate languages in real time. Free translations online.

English History

Consider important to know why you want to learn English language and the evolution through the times, could be because of your work, culture or just for extend your knowledge.

Numbers in French

Learn to count numbers in french language,here you find all about the numbers in french.

Italian courses

Many people rate "learning Italian" as the most beautiful spoken language in the world: Speaking of opera, painting, design, architecture, cooking, love or god in italian makes you feel you finally understood the topic.

Spanish Conjugation

In the Spanish grammar is considered like three categories of verbs. See the brief examples to get understand Spanish conjugation which are more extensively than English.

Spanish Adjectives

Adjective definition and examples to get understand Spanish grammar.