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Ordinal Numbers

Expand your Portuguese vocabulary with this useful list of ordinal numbers in Portuguese that will help you add very useful and important words to your Portuguese vocabulary.


¡Bienvenido a la web de studylanguages.org! Aprender un idioma extranjero puede abrirle nuevas puertas, tanto si hace negocios internacionalmente, desea mejorar su carrera o incluso sólo porque le gusta viajar a otros países.

German Verbs

Improve your German grammar knowledge; learn everything there is to know about German verbs that are categorized into three categories.

How to Learn German

Making a decision of Learn German abroad or Learn German Online.


Improve your knowledge of the Chinese Language by learning new Chinese vocabulary, Chinese Grammar, Chinese pronunciation and other Chinese Language resources.

Learning English

Learn English Guide offers English courses in England, Scotland, Unites Stated, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Malta. Making a decision of Learn English abroad or Learn English Online.

Learn Portuguese

Making a decision of Learn Portuguese abroad or Learn Portuguese Online.

Spanish Vocabulary

Knowing a little Spanish Vocabulary ahead of time helps travelers communicate more successfully.

University Rankings

The United States has a large tradition if we talk about Universities rankings, since many years ago the universities rankings are an important step to take on count before choosing a University

University Courses

Classified directory of university courses. Find resources about university education, a guide for the process of choosing a university course, also discover the top universities in the world.