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Frozen Tilapia Fillets

Frozen Tilapia Fillets are quality freshly frozen sweet tasting lean fish vacuity packaged for quality freshness.

Frozen Seafood Mix

Frozen Seafood China has its international reach and supply frozen seafood mix products to the fish markets.

Golden Pompano

Today a good deal of our domestic order for this species is met by whole frozen Golden Pompano, sometimes referred to as Golden Permit which is imported from China where it is farm raised in sea cages.

Frozen Squid

Frozen Squid has a good shelf life if handled with reasonable care. It is little affected by freezing, and the texture is unaffected even if the flesh is frozen and thawed a number of times.

Cod Gadus Morhua

Frozen Seafood China has experience in supplying Cod Gadus Morhua at the most affordable prices. They offer fresh cod in whole or in fillet form.

Vannamei White Shrimp

At Frozen Seafood china you find the finest vannamei white shrimp at amazing rates, delivered worldwide to you!

Alaskan Pollock Fish

Alaska pollock is regularly available in single or twice-frozen fillets either deep-skinned or with the fat coat unbroken; fresh pollock exists but isn't general.


Frozen Seafood Supplier is a quality supplier of fresh frozen seafood in China. They offer a wide range of seafood such as Golden Pompano, frozen squid, frozen blue mussels, frozen tilapia fillets, vannamei white shrimp and Alaska Pollock fish.