Today's Favorite Lists

Today's Favorite Lists

Top Rated Zeepad Tablets Revie

Zeepad Android tablets are bargain priced touch screen computers that pack a bunch of features into a small device. They are great gifts for teens, or as a portable travel computer - they're even smaller than an Ipad. It might be the best tablet you can find under 100 dollars. So check out the top rated Zeepads on Amazon, read reviews, and see if a Zeepad is right for you.

Top Rated PS4 Games

A list of top rated PS4 games! Don't waste your hard earned money on a game you won't enjoy. Play the games with the best reviews to steer you in the right direction!

Stompeez Slippers for Adults

Stompeez slippers for adults and kids are silly, floppy animal slippers "as seen on TV". Children love them, but they also have adult size Stompeez for those of us who embrace our inner child. Check out these fun slippers, read Amazon reviews, and see if they have the size you need before you buy!

Press N Flip Animal Hats For K

I love these flip action hats for kids! There are various animals including a cat, a monkey, a dog and even a monster! Many confuse the brand of these hats by calling them press n flip, flip zeez, flip zees, or flipeze...but the actual name brand is called "Flipeez". Here's a list of animal flippy hats for kids!

Pet Edge Dog Grooming Supplies

As professional dog groomers, we know some brand names stand out as high quality products. Pet Edge dog grooming supplies are some of the best around, offering thousands of grooming items for dogs and other pets. Take a look at some of these items, read some reviews and find the perfect tools for all your grooming needs!

Mossy Oak Purses and Handbags

Mossy Oak purses and handbags are camouflage bags that may appeal more to the less "girly girl" types of women. Roomy and functional, with many pockets, they make the perfect storage for all types of activities. So take a look at these best selling Mossy Oak purses, maybe you'll find your next bag!

John Lennon Sunglasses

John Lennon is famous for rocking obviously, but he's also famous for rocking a sweet pair of round sunglasses! These glasses now stand out in peoples minds as being "rock star" eyewear. Check out similar retro style sunglasses created by top name brands - maybe you'll find your next pair!

Gifts For 14 Year Old Boys

When choosing gifts for a 14 year old teen boy, of course you'll need to put thought into exactly what he likes and does for fun. At this age, he is more mature than you might think, and he'll probably love to get some kind of new tech toy. If you are really stumped, a gift card to use online or for his video game system could be a safe choice. Check out my list of gift ideas and see if anything jumps out at you!

german eye brand pocket knives

German Eye Brand pocket knives have been hammer forged since 1898 by the Carl Schlieper family in Solingen, Germany. The long family tradition and commitment to their craft is shown in the fine quality of their knives. Hammer forging is the traditional method of knife making, yet, few companies still use this method. Eye Brand is one of the few that still creates hammer forged knives. Pick one up, compare with other brands and you'll be sure to notice a difference.

Best Rated Diaper Bags Reviews

For parents, you want to bring the right bag for diapers and changing. Ideally this would be the kind that are made for this purpose. Check out the best diaper bags for 2014-2015, read through the customer reviews, and pick which one is right for you!